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James Fenimore Cooper born on this day! 

From Delaware, Frank Schoonover

H.L. Menckin born on this day. Never distinguished. Also Great.

The top photo is Alfred A Knopf the young man and the bottom is Knopf the older man. Notice the difference. Young man,hustler. Old man, distinguished publisher. Born on this day. A great man.

O Henry born on this day.

O Henry born on this day.


Begin your week with these lovely shots of the Strand Rare Book Room.

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Looks like the NYT has gotten out of the birthday business.

Daniel Burnham One of the stars of “The Devil in the White City” born on this day.

The amazing Catrin Stewart in Dr Who. About as sexy the series has ever gotten!

Marilyn Miller,dancer born on this day. Isn’t she beautiful. I include these pix on this site from time to time just to show my love for dance(because I cannot dance).  I saw her birth date and of course  her name. She is little know but looks like she was a rising star but died young.