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Isherwood,Christopher and his Kind.

Isherwood,Christopher and his Kind.

C.S. Forester born on this day. C as in sea.Baby boomers  who love sea based novels started with this man.
Man Ray born on this day. Far far ahead of his time.We need as many Man Rays as we can get.


A glimpse of my personal library

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My attempt of organizing my YA books by Colour. :)
Christopher Isherwood born on this day!

Christopher Isherwood born on this day!

Just to prove that I am hip I placed a photo of this woman (playing a girl)into this reading blog mostly because she is a native of my home state,Delaware.Believe it or not.
Truman Capote found dead on this day.



"Cath closed the book and let it fall on Levi’s chest, not sure what happened next." - Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

A photo montage scene adaptation, watch the companion video adaptation of another scene here.

Directed by Yulin Kuang

Starring Mary Kate Wiles and Denver Milord

Shot by Zack Wallnau
Colored by Valerie Chiang

One of my very favorite scenes from a book ever. I desperately want to make this feature so I can shoot this scene for really real I just nrgghARGHHHHH PERFECT SCENE IS PERFECT. If you’re craving a video adaptation after this post, be sure to check out our companion video here! :)

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

Great. Just great.

Now I desperately want a full length Fangirl movie.

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Edgar Lee Masters born on this day.

Edgar Lee Masters born on this day.